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Mother and a Child

A mobile app that imrpoves the childcare and caregiver process

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Routeeny is now live!

Improving the Caregiver Experience 

Leaving the ones you love in the care of others can be stressful. Routeeny arms caregivers with all the information they need to provide the best care possible, allowing Guardians to feel confident walking out the door. Caregivers can now go into a job already knowing expectations, feeling prepared and comfortable. When Caregivers feel comfortable and are prepared, loved ones feel safe, secure and less anxious.

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Parents - Pet Owners - Home Owners - Senior Care


Baby sitters - Pet sitters - House sitters - Nurses

Loved Ones

Children - Pets - Homes - Seniors


Child Profiles

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Studies show that routines provide stability and security for children. Routeeny allows guardians to create and share detailed schedules that caregivers can easily understand and stick to.


Senior Profiles

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When a seniors' homecare is constantly rotating, lean on Routeeny for stability and comfort. Enter detailed care instructions and share with as many caregivers as needed. Navigating caregiver hand-offs? Routeeny allows both caregivers and guardians to enter notes for seamless communication.


Pet Profiles

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Every animal has its own unique personality and set of needs. Routeeny provides caregivers with what they need to provide the proper love and attention.


Home Profiles

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Plant people of the world, Routeeny has you covered! Enter detailed watering schedules, cleaning schedules and more to ensure home remains a happy place while in the care of others.

Create detailed profiles for whoever (or whatever) you hold dear

Routeeny knows it takes a village.

Guardians can add multiple Caregivers to view their loved ones profiles. 



Included for free: 

For the cost of one Starbucks trip

Routines broken down by hour - Food suggestions - Entertainment ideas - Medical information - Tips on how to handle behavior -  Emergency contacts - Caregiver checklist - Caregiver notes
All the features listed with free version - Ad free experience - Video and photo uploads - Add multiple profile types (a child, a pet, and a home)

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Slice of Lemon

Simple and Intuitive

Routeeny allows guardians to easily add and edit profile details with little brain power, and caregivers to find the info they need fast.

No time to manually type the details? No problem. Routeeny's photo/video upload feature can provide a simple explanation for a complicated scenario.

Gotta Jet? Don't Sweat

Running out the door seems to be the new norm. 


Routeeny covers the "out of the box" info guardians typically forget to share with caregivers, such as wifi info, emergency contacts, and tips on how to handle behavior.


Guardians can at least feel confident their loved ones are taken care of, even if they left the house in fuzzy slippers. 

Caregivers, We Got You

Routeeny is designed for caregiver success. Caregivers can view profiles before their visit so they don't go in blind. From schedules broken down by the hour, to favorite foods and behaviors, Routeeny makes sure caregivers are prepared and confident.


Spend less time explaining and more time enjoying.

Couple on Date

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